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Thomson and Cullen Papers

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Thomson and Cullen Papers	Special Collections at the University of Glasgow holds the papers of William Cullen (1710-1790), chemist and physician and those of his biographer, John Thomson (1765-1846), physician and surgeon and Thomson’s sons William (1802-1855), physician, and Allen (1809-1884), anatomist and embryologist. Between them, all four held influential academic positions at the universities of Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh and made significant contributions to scientific literature.

A Wellcome Trust-funded project catalogued and conserved these papers, greatly improving intellectual and physical access and highlighting significant areas including:

William Cullen’s influence as a teacher of medicine. A number of his students, among them Joseph Black (1728-1799), became important scientists in their own right.

John Thomson was a professor of military surgery and had research interests in smallpox and syphilis.

William Thomson study of pathology and surgery in France in the 1820s.

Allen Thomson’s innovations included the use of the microscope in teaching anatomy.

The Thompson Family Papers are available here:

Image Credit: University of Glasgow Library, Special Collections.

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