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Dr Douglas R. J. Small

Dr Douglas R. J.  SmallWellcome Trust Research Fellow
Douglas Small is a Wellcome Trust Research Fellow, working on a project entitled 'Cocaine and Cultural Mythology, c. 1860-1919'. He specialises in Victorian literature, with a particular focus on drug narratives, fin-de-siècle decadent literature, and detective fiction. He is also interested in Science Fiction and Fantasy literature from the nineteenth century to the present. He is the author of ‘Sherlock Holmes and Cocaine: A 7% Solution for Modern Professionalism’ (English Literature in Transition, 58.3) and ‘Masters of Healing: Cocaine and the Idealised Image of the Victorian Medical Man’ (Journal of Victorian Culture, 21.1). He is currently working on a monograph on the cultural significance of cocaine in Victorian and Edwardian Literature.

Research and Teaching Interests

Cocaine in Victorian and early twentieth-century literature. Victorian medical technologies. Narratives of intoxication, drug-use, and addiction. Victorian medical-professional ideology. Victorian medicine and gender. Nineteenth-century origins of transhumanism and cyborg theory. Victorian science fiction.


HealthHistory of MedicineLiteratureLiterature and MedicineNineteenth CenturyScience Fiction