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Dr Claire McKechnie-Mason

Dr Claire McKechnie-Mason NHS Public Health Researcher
Dr Claire McKechnie-Mason is an NHS Public Health Researcher at the Glasgow Centre for Population Health where she works on a project entitled ‘Representing Communities: Developing the Creative Power of People to Improve Health and Wellbeing’. Claire is an honorary research fellow of Glasgow’s Medical Humanities Research Centre and is a member of the MHRNS. She previously held a two-year research fellowship in Medical Humanities at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at the University of Edinburgh where she carried out research on a project entitled ‘Cancer in the Victorian Imagination’. Before taking up her current post at the GCPH, Claire taught English Literature to medical students at Edinburgh and Masters courses in Gothic Literature at the University of Stirling. She recently supervised a PhD at Stirling on 'Representations of cloning in contemporary British Gothic literature and film' and is currently completing a monograph entitled The Gothic Animal: At the Limits of the Human in Victorian Literature and Scientific Culture for Manchester University Press. She has published articles in Nineteenth-Century Prose, Medical Humanities, Journal of Victorian Culture, and The Journal of Literature and Science amongst other places.


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