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Dr Jennifer Corns

Dr Jennifer CornsLecturer in Philosophy
My research interests centre on pain and other affective experiences: what they are, how they are related to other things, and why they matter. My areas of specialization include philosophy of mind and cognitive science, and my areas of competence extend to ethics, philosophy of language, and philosophy of science. Most broadly: I want to understand how our everyday ways of thinking about ourselves and what's important to us are appropriately employed for (specialized) scientific and ethical theorizing. I think it's credible that if we can get better at this, then we will make ourselves and our lives a bit better.

Research and Teaching Interests

My research on pain and suffering is relevant for many issues in the medical humanities. More specifically, previous research of mine has investigated questions concerning the nature of pain, the relationship between pain and psychological forms of suffering, and the so-called placebo effect. Most recently, I have become interested in understanding pain narratives and the prospects for narrative pain medicine.