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Molly Ziegler

 Molly ZieglerPhD candidate
I am a PhD candidate in Theatre Studies at the University of Glasgow researching representations of madness in contemporary Shakespearean adaptations. This focus combines my previous research on psychology and theatre whilst extending to my practice as a playwright/dramaturg/performer. I also teach on undergraduate theatre studies courses at the University of Glasgow as a Graduate Teaching Assistant.

Research and Teaching Interests

Within my research, I am concerned with how various psychological discourses might influence modern dramaturgical practices and adaptations of Shakespeare’s works. This involves interrogating differences in diagnoses/treatments of mental illness between Renaissance and contemporary contexts. In doing so, I will also examine how discourses on psychology and theatre communicate with and inform each other. Specific areas of interest include: functions of space and environment in understanding/describing madness, relationships between ‘sane’ and ‘insane’, the role of gender in defining/perceiving mental illness, and dramaturgical approaches to representing a ‘mad’ experience.


Disability studiesLiteratureMental healthShakespeareTheatre