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Johanna Pollick

 Johanna PollickPhD candidate
I received a MA (Hons) in Art History from the University of St Andrews in 2013 and a M.St in Medieval Studies from the University of Oxford in 2014. I am currently working on a PhD on the motif of the wound as a well in late medieval England, funded by the Scottish Graduate School for the Arts and Humanities and the Arts and Humanities Research Council and supervised by Dr Debra Strickland and Professor Elizabeth Robertson.

Research and Teaching Interests

My thesis will examine period medical sources and visual cultures relevant to understandings and treatments of wounds to explain how these might have informed artistic representations, devotional practices, and dramatic expressions of the wounds of Christ during the later middle ages. The thesis will firstly explore the origins, evolution and distribution of the motif of the wound as a well, and its place within devotions to the Five Wounds and the heart of Christ in the late Middle Ages. I will then consider miracle accounts, hagiography, and other textual, artistic and archaeological evidence pertaining to holy wells and the mystical and miraculous experiences surrounding them, as well as contemporary medical and theological conceptions of both wounds and wells, such as the works of the fourteenth-century physician John of Arderne, in order to draw conclusions about the functions and significance of literary and pictorial representations of Christ's wounds as wells or springs in late medieval England.


Art HistoryIlluminated ManuscriptsLiteratureMedieval and Renaissance CultureReligionVisual and Material Culture