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Professor Paul Bishop

William Jacks Chair of Modern Languages
Paul Bishop studied at Magdalen College, Oxford, and he is currently William Jacks Chair of Modern Languages at the University of Glasgow. His research examines the history of ideas and the histories of psychoanalysis and analytical psychology, with particular emphasis on Nietzsche, C.G. Jung, and Ludwig Klages.

Research and Teaching Interests

Main areas of research interest of relevance to medical humanities include the origins and development of psychoanalysis and analytical psychology; the significance of vitalist philosophy or Lebensphilosophie; and therapeutic uses of philosophy, especially Stoicism and Epicureanism. In particular he has worked on the intellectual sources of midlife crisis and on the links between analytical psychology and classical notions of the stages of life.


Analytical PsychologyLebensphilosophieMindfulnessPsychoanalysisVitalism