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Dr Tony Wilson
I have taught extensively at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in universities, both for Arts and Social Science Faculties (in Australia, England, Malaysia and Scotland) and Economics and Business Faculties (in Malaysia). Diversity of discipline has been integrated by my interest and publications in hermeneutic philosophy, discussed in its application to medical humanities through my recently Routledge published e-book, Consumption, Psychology and Practice Theories: A Hermeneutic Perspective:


Visiting Senior Research Fellow, London School of Economics (2015-2018)

Invited External Assessor, Universiti Malaya (2019-2022)


Research and Teaching Interests

My research interest is in philosophy’s underwriting of medical humanities - particularly through the use of hermeneutic phenomenology in shaping the self-understanding of medical research interviews. I recently published on this topic in the (2019) British Psychological Society’s Qualitative Methods in Psychology Bulletin (Autumn): ‘Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis as Hermeneutic Philosophy-in-Practice’. My research publications also include ‘Eight Researchers’ Experiences of Using IPA as a Methodology’ (along with C. Wagstaff et al.)  The Qualitative Report 2014 Volume 19, Article 47, 1-15. From 2012 I’ve been a regular contributor to an IPA online discussion group and now invited speaker at a Malaysian IPA Interest Group, Universiti Malaya.