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Miss Natalie Moffat

PhD Candidate
I am a sociologist in the second year of my PhD at the University of Glasgow. My main research interests are embodiment, feminist theory and praxis, qualitative methods, science and technology studies (and material semiotics more broadly), and critical menstruation studies. I completed both my undergraduate and masters degrees at the University of Glasgow in sociology and, towards this, completed two dissertations on menstruation, the first exploring ‘menstrual etiquette’ and the second exploring transitions from disposable to menstrual product use. My PhD research builds upon the findings of my masters dissertation, using an ethnographic approach to explore the question, how are reusable menstrual products enacted in material-discursive practices and what realities of menstrual care are produced through this? Understanding menstruation, menstrual products and menstruators, to not only be shaped by but to shape the societies they exist within, I aim to explore what worlds reusable menstrual products participate, and can participate, in creating.

Research and Teaching Interests

I am interested broadly in non-dualistic ways of conceptualising and enacting embodiment, health, and care. I ground my own thinking and writing in paradigms which emphasise the inseparability of the natural and cultural, the biological and social, the human and the non-human, and which sees ethics and politics as inextricable from all.


EmbodimentFeminismMenstruationReusable Menstrual ProductsSociomateriality