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Dr Lauren Banko

I am a historian of the modern Arab world with a focus on pre-1948 Palestine. I just finished a research associate position in the Department of History at the University of Manchester, working on the AHRC-funded project ‘Reckoning with Refugeedom: Refugee Voices in Modern History.’ I joined the Economic and Social History subject area at the University of Glasgow in Jan. 2022, as a fixed tern lecturer. I received my PhD in Near and Middle Eastern History from SOAS. My first book, The Invention of Palestinian Citizenship (EUP 2016) historicised definitions and understandings of citizenship as articulated by Palestine's Arab residents and emigres. I was the Palestine-Israel Studies Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Manchester from 2015-18, and has taught at SOAS, Manchester, Royal Holloway, and Yale. My current research is on the border, borderlands, and frontiers in Mandate Palestine and the clandestine and illicit movements of people, including migrants designated as medically undesirable for entry. I am currently working on an individual book manuscript, tentatively titled 'Subverting the documentary regime: licit and illicit mobilities along the borders of Palestine, 1920-1950. Most recently, I have published in the Jerusalem Quarterly, Journal of Global History, Immigrants & Minorities, and Social History.

Research and Teaching Interests

Medico-legal borders; health of displaced persons/migrants; history of public health and immigration restrictions; biocredibility in historical sense; migration of ill migrants


DisplacementHistory of Middle EastIllicit MigrationMedico-Legal Border