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Dr Emma Gee

Dr Emma GeeIndependent Researcher
Emma Gee grew up in rural Australia and studied at the Universities of Sydney and Cambridge, beginning in the BMus and converting to Classics. She has been lecturer in Classics at the Universities of Exeter, Sydney, and St Andrews. She recently graduated with an MSc in Psychology from Dundee and is now a freelance scholar and yoga teacher. Her most recent academic book, ‘Mapping the Afterlife’ (OUP, 2020), combines ancient literature and philosophy with music theory and psychology.  Her free translation of Lucretius’ De rerum natura (Arc, 2020) won an English PEN Prize. Her current project, a literary biography of R D Laing, aims to challenge the myths around Laing and to interrogate the near-hagiography of Laing present in some contemporary scholarship and psychotherapeutic practice.

Research and Teaching Interests

My research interests focus around literary criticism, the Classics, Psychology and psychoanalysis, and music, with many points of intersection with the interests of my biographical subject, R D Laing as well as areas of relevance to medical humanities.


Interpersonal RelationsPsychoanalysisPsychology