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Ivan Sánchez Hervás

PhD Candidate
Mr Sanchez began his academic career in Scotland, graduating with a degree in Economic & Social History with a joint in Quantitative Methods before pursuing a postgraduate career. For his master’s dissertation he presented an analysis of wartime medical statistics and archival records, proposing that the methods of recording casualties during the First World War had a significant effect of the formulation of the diagnostic categories and in turn the social and medico-legal recognition of a wide spectrum of neuropathological conditions.

As a doctoral candidate, Mr. Sanchez holds a position as a postgraduate researcher with the University of Glasgow.

Research and Teaching Interests

Currently, Mr. Sanchez has focused his research on the medico-legal and social experiences of intersex individuals in Scotland in the 20th century. In addition to this, he continues to hold an interest in medical cultures of recording throughout history, the pathologizing of non-conventional and ‘deviant’ bodies, and the social treatment of disease.


Intersex StudiesMedico-Legal History