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Dr Eva Moreda Rodríguez

Reader in Music
Eva Moreda Rodriguez <>
Eva Moreda Rodríguez is Reader in Musicology at the University of Glasgow. A specialist in Spanish music of the twentieth century, she is the author of the monographs Music and Exile in Francoist Spain (2015), Music Criticism and Music Critics in early Francois Spain (2016), and Inventing the Recording: The Phonograph and National Culture in Spain, 1877–1914 (2021). The latter monograph was completed with the support of an Arts and Humanities Council Leadership Fellowship, and she has also received grants from the British Academy, the Leverhulme Trust, and the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland

Research and Teaching Interests

I am currently in the early stages of a project focusing in Aquitanian versus (a type of Latin song from the 11th-12th centuries), examining both their cultural ramifications and their performance practices through the idea of corporeality and the singing body. The project is informed by my experience as a singer of medieval repertoires as well as portative organ performer. Key to the project is also a commitment to present these little-known repertoires to contemporary audiences, through recitals and singing workshops.


CorporealityMedieval and Renaissance CultureMedieval musicMusicSinging