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Dr Jamie Redgate

Dr Jamie RedgateTutor
Jamie Redgate grew up on the north edge of Scotland. He moved to Glasgow to study English at the University of Strathclyde, and from there to the University of Glasgow to do his MLitt in American Studies and a PhD in English Literature, which was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and completed in 2018. The resulting book, Wallace and I: Cognition, Consciousness, and Dualism in David Foster Wallace’s Fiction (2019), is now available in paperback from Routledge.


Since completing his PhD, Jamie has been writing essays and fiction and working on his first novel. He has written about Japan and Japanese literature, contemporary American fiction, Christianity and fantasy, manga, video games, and veganism, and his work has been published by Cambridge University Press, Electric LiteratureExtra Teeth, GutterBooks and Bao, Wiley, and elsewhere. He teaches on 19B: American Literature (1930 to Present), 2B: Writing & Text, and 1B: The Novel & Narratology. You can find him at

Research and Teaching Interests

Jamie is interested in humanism, dualism, fantasy, madness, and the brain, and his research has largely focused on how our treatment of these issues evolved at the turn of the millennium. With an emphasis on the contemporary American novel, Wallace and I argued that David Foster Wallace’s generation used cognitive science to reground postmodern concerns about authorship and identity, though this sat in uneasy tension with their desire to revive outdated, humanistic models of the soulful self. Jamie’s current research is on humanism in the Anthropocene, the even more contemporary novel, and the dualistic division between atheistic literary writers and believers in the genres.