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Dr Louise Boyle

Dr Louise
I am currently a 2nd year Human Geography PhD student in the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences at the University of Glasgow. I am working an on ESRC-funded project entitled “Running into the SAnD: a social and anticipatory geography of Social Anxiety Disorder (SAnD) in on- and offline worlds”. The project will consider how individuals utilise everyday spaces, and with what implications for them, to develop geographical narratives of SAnD experiences that open up specific individual, situational and environment factors integral to triggering anticipations of future anxious episodes. A further component considers ‘new mental health’ – the use of digital technology and the Internet – in facilitating access to online, particularly voluntary, user-led mental health services, information about SAnD, strategies and techniques for managing health and wellbeing and how this connects back to lives lived offline.

Research and Teaching Interests

Broadly I am interested in geographies of health and illness, particularly experiences of mental ill-health and wellbeing and the role played by digital technologies for supporting mental health; emotional geographies and psychotherapeutic/psychoanalytic geographies. Methodologically, I am interested in online research methods and relational approaches which focus on intersubjective processes involved in the co-construction of meaning and knowledge.


Digital HumanitiesEmbodimentMental healthPerception