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Professor Robert McMaster

Professor Robert McMasterProfessor of Political Economy
Robert McMaster was a Lecturer and the Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Aberdeen from 1992-2006. He joined the University of Glasgow in 2007, and in 2012 became a Professor of Political Economy in the Adam Smith Business School. Since 2005 he has co-edited the Review of Social Economy. He has published in numerous academic journals including: American Journal of Bioethics; American Journal of Economics and Sociology; Cambridge Journal of Economics; Economic Geography; Economy and Society; Fiscal Studies; Health Care Analysis; Journal of Business Ethics; Journal of Economic Issues; Journal of Institutional Economics; Review of Radical Political Economics, etc. With John Davis (Marquette University and University of Amsterdam), he is currently writing a book entitled: Health Care Economics.

Research and Teaching Interests

My research in this area has attempted to investigate and critique the standard health economics approach to the conceptualisation of the individual and care, and to offer alternative prospectuses in these areas. This is of some policy relevance given that the allocation of resources within medical systems are partly informed by health economics.


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