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Archaeological Housework: the contemporary archaeologies of dementia

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Archaeological Housework: the contemporary archaeologies of dementiaArchaeological Housework is the home of a curious assemblage research project originating in the excavation of an abandoned contemporary archaeological avocational atelier in 2017 on Arran, and the recovery of an extensive heritage and geological collection. It includes a unique found assemblage of creative dementia works created by local avocational archaeologist Fiona Gorman, which in turn has led to new research on dementia objects and (re)collections, more specifically the archaeologies and materialities of dementia. This research asks questions around how everyday living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias transforms object relations and embodied care practices as well as the pareidolic properties of things. The project celebrates dementia creativity and (re)collection practices through public art installations, exhibition events as well as academic outputs.

Funded by:  Royal Society of Edinburgh

Start date:  2017

End date:  2027


Keywords: Alzheimer’sCareCollecting practiceDementiaPareidolia

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