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The Compositiones Medicamentorum of Scribonius Largus

The Compositiones Medicamentorum of Scribonius Largus The Compositiones medicamentorum of Scribonius Largus – Context, Translation, Commentary, Pharmacology, and Reception

My PhD investigates the Compositiones medicamentorum of Scribonius Largus, a first century CE Latin medical recipe collection. I am producing an English translation and commentary to provide an in-depth study of this important source for ancient pharmacology, pharmacy, and medicine, but also to make this text more accessible beyond a Classicist audience. I am here investigating the text in the broader context of ancient medicine, as well as the work’s practical pharmacology as compared to the contemporary works of Celsus and Dioscorides. Furthermore, I investigate the reception of the text, particularly in late 19th century and early 20th century German language scholarship, and the insights this provides into contemporary pharmacological and dental practice during the rise of these two professions as academic subjects and clinical sciences. Finally, I am studying the role of the patient in this technical treatise, and the evidence for Scribonius’ ethical and sympathetic approach to healthcare.

Image Credit: University of Glasgow Library, Special Collections.

Funded by:  SGSAH

Main contact:   Ianto Jocks


Keywords: Case HistoriesEthicsHistory of MedicineLatinMedical RecipesPatient CarePhD Thesis

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