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Themes in Globalisation, 1914-c2008 (Economic and Social History, first year)

This course explores the global impact of economic phenomenon and social change in the advanced economies from the First World War to the present day. It introduces students to major themes including the causes of economic growth and recession, the sources of social change, and the impact of war on society and the economy in an international framework. The course charts the crises of the inter-war period: the Great Depression, mass unemployment, and the rise of fascism and communism, as well as the development of mass leisure and the growth of a consumer society. The course also explores the prolonged boom following the Second World War, a time of conspicuous consumption but also of commitment to social welfare, both of which fuelled the sexual revolution and youth culture across national borders. The course then explores the impact of globalisation following the oil crisis of 1973 and subsequent instability, and looks at developing nations and environmental concerns in the later decades of the 20th century.


Keywords: ClassFirst World WarGenderHealthHistory of MedicineMilitary HistoryWarWelfare