End of Life Studies Networking (Past Event)

Academics in conversation

The Steering Group meeting on 30 May 2019 at University of Glasgow’s Crichton Campus, Dumfries, was accompanied by a Networking event bringing together medical humanities from the main campus and from the End of Life Studies Group.

The Networking event began with brief introductory presentations from Prof. David Clark (Leader of the End of LIfe Studies Group) and Dr Gavin Miller (Director, Medical Humanities Research Centre), and continued into an open dialogue and concluding networking lunch.

Academics posing in foyer

The following participated from the main campus:

Dr Sheila Dickson, Senior Lecturer, German, School of Modern Languages and Culture.
Dr Angus Ferguson, Senior Lecturer, Co-Director, Centre for the History of Medicine. Economic and Social History, School of Social and Political Sciences.
Dr Cheryl McGeachan, Lecturer, Geographical and Earth Sciences.
Ross McGregor, Deputy Head of Heritage, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow.
Moira Rankin, Senior Archivist, Archives and Special Collections, University of Glasgow Library.
Dr Fraser Rowan, Knowledge Exchange and Impact Manager, College of Arts.
Sarah Spence, Wellcome Trust Doctoral Student, English Literature.

The following participated from End of Life Studies:

Professor David Clark, Wellcome Trust Investigator, Interdisciplinary Studies
Dr Marian Krawczyk, Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Fellow, School of Interdisciplinary Studies
Dr Naomi Richards, Lecturer, School of Interdisciplinary Studies
Dr Gitte Koksvik, Research Associate (Wellcome Trust), School of Interdisciplinary Studies
Dr Sheri Mila Gerson, Research Associate, School of Interdisciplinary Studies
Amy McCreadie, Administrative Officer (Wellcome Trust), End of lIfe Studies Group
Solveiga Zibaite, PhD Student (EoLS): the cultural significance of the Death Café movement.
Joseph Wood PhD Student (English Lit/EoLS) : Cicely Saunders and the Legacies of ‘Total Pain’
Clare Morris PhD Student (EoLS): Examining ‘Total pain’ in Palliative Care Practice and Policy: A
Scoping Study
Julie Lang PhD Student (EoLS): Representing chosen death: how writers depict physician- assisted death and suicide