Mason Institute: Dan Crossley, ‘Food Ethics’, Edinburgh

Dr Isabel Fletcher is pleased to announce the next Mason Institute series of lunchtime talks, which this time is co-organised with the Food Researchers in Edinburgh (FRIED) network.

Speaker: Dan Crossley, Food Ethics Council

Respondent: Emily Postan, University of Edinburgh

Date: Tuesday 28th of February, 12.00-13:30

Venue: room 2.04, Appleton Tower, Crichton Street

Why food ethics matters
Dan will start by sharing why he believes food is so important and the Food Ethics Council’s diagnosis of what’s wrong with the food system. He’ll then explain what food ethics means, where the term came from and why it matters. He’ll talk about what the Food Ethics Council does, including some of the tools and work that the organisation has done in the past 18 years. He’ll dive deeper into the issue of meat consumption, as one example of a contentious issue that throws up lots of ethical questions.

Speaker Biography
Dan Crossley is Executive Director at the Food Ethics Council, the charity working with business, government and civil society to address ethical concerns at the heart of decision-making about food and farming. Dan has worked on food sustainability issues for over a decade. Dan was co-author of ‘Catering for sustainability: making the case for sustainable diets in foodservice’, published in 2016. In 2014, Dan was appointed as one of WWF’s ten LiveWell Leaders in Europe, was co-chair of the consumer behaviour working group of Defra’s Green Food Project and is on the Food Climate Research Network Advisory Board. He formerly led Forum for the Future’s work on sustainable food, where he advised many of the world’s leading businesses and Government, and previously worked for a food manufacturing company. Dan has an MSc in Environmental Technology (specialising in Business and Sustainability) from Imperial College London and a BA (Hons) from University of Cambridge.

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