Call for papers: ‘Conceptualising Health Research Participation in the Era of Big Data’, Palgrave Communications, Closing Date: end of December 2019

Collection: ‘Conceptualising Health Research Participation in the Era of Big Data’

Palgrave Communications ( ) the open access journal from Palgrave Macmillan (part of Springer Nature),  which publishes research across the humanities and social sciences, is currently inviting article proposals and full papers for a research article collection (‘special issue’) on ‘Conceptualising Health Research Participation in the Era of Big Data’:

This collection is being edited by: Dr David Wyatt (King’s College London, UK), Dr Matthias Wienroth (Newcastle University, UK), Professor Christopher McKevitt (King’s College London, UK)

The rise of big data in health care research, particularly when incorporated into health care delivery, presents a complex landscape where the role, status and value of the patient or citizen as a research subject is configured in numerous ways.

This collection seeks to examine the diverse ways big data and health research participation converge and are co-produced with local and centralised approaches to governance.  Drawing from the fields of sociology, anthropology, science and technology studies, health research, empirical ethics, bioethics, and critical data studies, we ask authors to engage with these two overarching questions: How is the health research participant constituted, valued and assetised in the era of big data? What are the implications of this for health research practices and/or policy making?

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This is a rolling article collection and as such submissions will be welcomed at any point up until 31 December 2019. To register interest prospective authors should submit a short article proposal (abstract summary) to the Editorial Office ( in the first instance.

Palgrave Communications uses an Open Access model. Learn more about publication charges and discounts here:  

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