Call for Poems: On ‘Male’ Disordered Eating

Deadline for submission: 18th May 2018

Call for Poems: On ‘Male’ Disordered Eating

Men and boys – just like women and girls – can have concerns about weight, body shape, diet and exercise which may lead to problems around food including over- or undereating or overexercising. However, they may find these things very difficult to talk about as eating disorders and related mental health issues are often perceived as ‘female only problems’ in the wider social, cultural and even medical view.
Dr Heike Bartel is leading ‘Hungry for Words’ an AHRC-funded interdisciplinary research network on male eating disorders at the University of Nottingham. The research network would like to feature poems about male ‘disordered’ eating on the ‘Hungry for Words’ website, as printed material and/or as audio or video recordings. We are interested in all perspective: sufferer, relative, friend, GP, teacher, distant or close observer, male, female or transgender. []

• Poems – in English or any other language (with a translation) – should be submitted by 18th May 2018.
• Send as word document or PDF to
• Every submission should include permission to feature the poems in print and/or audio/video on the project website as well as at related events.
• A number of poems will be chosen for featuring on the website, £100 will be awarded for the best poem, £50 for each of two runners-up.

If you would like further information on the subject, you can visit the website of our partner charity Men Get Eating Disorders Too and read personal stories by men about their experiences

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