CFP: ’32nd European Conference on Philosophy of Medicine and Health Care’, Lisbon

Date: 22nd – 25th August 2018

Location: University of Lisbon

Deadline: 1st March 2018

This conference will be organised by the European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and Healthcare (ESPMH) and the Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon (Portugal). Its theme is “The Human Condition in between Medicine, Arts and the Humanities”.

The relationships between medicine, arts and the humanities are multifaceted owing to the intricate ways in which they reflect and are conditioned by basic traits of the human condition. Art, humanities and medicine have pivotal roles in shaping our cultural and individual self-understanding. Medicine, whilst being regarded as a dominantly scientific endeavour, is also referred to as the art of healing. At least some medical illustrations and 3D models can arguably be seen as art. In addition, cosmetic dentistry and surgery are informed by aesthetic criteria. Vice versa, art can be seen as a form of therapy. The humanities, finally, play an increasingly important role in both medical education and clinical practice. In a time of kaleidoscopic change in medical research, clinical practice and healthcare systems, the focus of this conference is on medicine and its relations with the arts and the humanities.

Abstracts addressing any of the following issues from a philosophical and/or ethical perspective will be favoured, although work on other topics can also be submitted: Human Condition, Narratives, Hope between Uncertainty and Complexity, Arts and Medicine, Humanities and Medicine, Museums. Further details on suggested areas of focus within these headings can be found on the conference website.

The programme of the conference includes plenary sessions as well as parallel sessions. Anyone wishing to present a paper at the conference should submit an abstract in a Word document (500 words max) before 1st March 2018. The Conference Programme Committee will select abstracts for oral presentation. Please send your abstract by e-mail to: Professor Bert Gordijn (Secretary of the ESPMH, Director of the Institute of Ethics, Dublin City University, Ireland).

For details regarding the programme and registration, please see the conference website.

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