CFP, essay collection: ‘Mental Illness: Reflections in Popular Culture’ (2017)

Mental Illness: Reflections in Popular Culture (Praeger/ABC-Clio, 2017)

Pop culture addresses mental illness in informal ways, sometimes striving to understand the rationale behind irrational acts, while many mental health professionals and health advocates “blame” pop culture for sensationalizing and stigmatizing mental illness and perpetuating stereotypes. This 30-chapter volume compares society’s changing reactions to mental illness, as seen through the lens of various academic disciplines outside of mental health fields. We present diametrically different POVs, using essays on literature, screen media, comics, videogames, art and music. Innovative ideas and unique angles are welcome, but some subject are already set.

Essays on Outsider Art, graphic novels, Hitchcock, Van Gogh, David Bowie, comedies are needed now. If you are not sure if your idea relates to the theme (or wonder if your proposed topic is taken), please send 1-2 sentence query, to be expanded to a 200-500 word abstract, plus short bio or writing samples. Or forward a 200-500 word abstract and short bio (200-500 words) directly. Essays are 3,000-4,000 words (endnotes included). We are happy to forward a full TOC and proposal upon request.

Contact: Sharon Packer, MD

Date: 17th July 2015


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