CFP: ‘Healthy publics – Transforming and Sustaining Health Research and Action’, Palgrave Communications

Closing date for submissions: up until the end of December 2019

Call for papers: Healthy publics – Transforming and Sustaining Health Research and Action

Palgrave Communications ( ) the open access journal from Palgrave Macmillan (part of Springer Nature),  which publishes research across the humanities and social sciences, is currently inviting article proposals and full papers for a research article collection (‘special issue’) on ‘Healthy publics – Transforming and Sustaining Health Research and Action’: 

This collection is being edited by: Professor Mark Jackson (University of Exeter, UK), Professor Melanie Rock (University of Calgary, Canada), Professor Katrina Wyatt (University of Exeter, UK), Professor Mohan Dutta (Massey University, New Zealand). 

Health has become a collective project, tying together people, nonhuman animals and ecologies (One Health), and planetary processes (Planetary Health). In their different ways, all of these versions of health and health promotion imply a collective transdisciplinary endeavour. What ties them together is a common call for new kinds of public participation, engagement and social contract. In other words, they all tend to promote, though often fail to specify, what have been referred to as ‘healthy publics’ (see: Hinchliffe, Jackson, Wyatt et al (2018)). In this article collection we invite papers that grapple with health as a collective, contested, public, process.

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This is a rolling article collection and as such submissions will be welcomed at any point up until the end of December 2019. To register interest prospective authors should submit a short article proposal (abstract summary) to the Editorial Office ( in the first instance. 

Palgrave Communications uses an Open Access model. Learn more here:  

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