CFP: Special Issue of RDS, ‘Disability and Shame’

The Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal (RDS) seeks proposals for a special forum “Disability and Shame.” The deadline for submission of papers is 1st January 2018.

Special Issue | Volume 14 Issue 4, RDS: Disability and Shame.

Shame and shaming take varied and quite diversely motivated forms. Shame exists as both a cultural and psychological construct, stimuli for and reactions to which are heavily context-dependent. This Call for Papers proposes a forum on the subject of shame and disability, broadly conceived. It is hoped that through critical discourse addressing the historical and current contexts, contributing factors, effects, and responses to shame, greater understanding of this phenomena will diminish discrimination and violence.

Guest Editors:

Papers should be submitted online at We look forward to receiving your submissions.
If you have any questions regarding the forum, please contact, or For other technical questions contact

For more information visit the RDS Journal website.

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