‘Dishes for the Sick Room’, University of Glasgow Library Special Collections, 14.00-16.30, 26 Aug 2022

Dishes for the Sick Room explores historical invalid recipes in Glasgow’s archival collections


About this event

Dishes for the Sick Room is a project undertaken by Lindsay Middleton, PhD researcher in food history at the University of Glasgow and University of Aberdeen. The project was funded by an Early Career Foundation Award from the Wellcome Trust and the Glasgow Medical Humanities Network.

Combining a focus on food and health, Lindsay has been exploring invalid recipes in the archival collections of Glasgow Caledonian University and the University of Glasgow. Using visualiser technology, Lindsay has investigated how food and health were intertwined in these collections and created an online resource documenting her findings.

At this event, Lindsay will launch the resource and give a talk outlining the longstanding interconnectedness between food, health and education in Glasgow’s culinary collections. In the talk she will outline the collections and explore the form of invalid recipes, trends in invalid cookery, and how women were educated about sick-room cookery in historical Glasgow. She will be joined by Carole McCallum, university archivist at Glasgow Caledonian University, who will give a talk on the Glasgow Cookery Book as a cultural object.

Event Schedule:

– Talks from Lindsay and Carole about the Dishes for the Sick Room project and Glasgow Cookery Book

– A break for refreshments, including samples from historical invalid recipes.

– A chance to view objects from the archival collections of Glasgow Caledonian University and University of Glasgow.