Glasgow University Medical Humanities Network Website

Glasgow University Medical Humanities Network Website


Friday 22nd January saw the launch of the new Glasgow University Medical Humanities Network Website. With the site now live and fully functioning, we would like to cordially invite you to use it as a resource to engage with the range of medical humanities research taking place at the University of Glasgow. The site features the work of over seventy researchers and teachers based at the University of Glasgow, and the launch event encouraged contributors from across all four Colleges to meet, talk, and discuss their work.

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This website is a capacity-building initiative for the medical humanities at Glasgow University. In recognition of the wide range of subject areas, research institutes, projects, and persons involved in research and teaching that falls under the umbrella of medical humanities, this website provides information on the range of activities currently underway at Glasgow, and aims to encourage future collaborations, both within and beyond the University.

Following the wine reception, Drs Megan Coyer and Hannah Tweed outlined the functionality of the site. A primary goal of the initiative is to create a community that fosters interdisciplinary research and teaching, as well as engagement with the extensive archival resources available at GU. As such, the site is broken down into several components – ‘people’, ‘projects’, ‘teaching’, and ‘collections’ – all connected by common keywords. If you wish to search for work related to a particular subject area, topic, or funding body, you can use the keywords to narrow your search parameters (e.g. ‘illuminated manuscripts’, ‘art history’, and ‘religion’. Areas of the site include:

  • People: a list of individuals who are working on or engaged with the medical humanities at the University of Glasgow.
  • Projects: a compilation of medical humanities projects being undertaken at Glasgow, along with details of outputs and participants.
  • Teaching: a list of University of Glasgow courses, programmes, resources, and lectures that are relevant to the medical humanities.
  • Collections: University of Glasgow archive, library, and museum collections of relevance to the medical humanities. Additional information is then available via the respective collection holders’ websites (linked from profile pages).

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We would now invite any and all interested parties to access and use the website, and liaise with Glasgow researchers with overlapping interests. We also intend to run a series of blog posts advertising key projects and collections at Glasgow that are featured on the site. If you are interested in being involved in the network website, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Finally, thank you to all of the contributors to the website, the delegates who attended the launch event, and to the Wellcome Trust for their funding.

Megan Coyer and Hannah Tweed

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