Lunchtime Seminars on Emotions, Edinburgh

‘To be called by the suffering’,  Laura Candiotto (University of Edinburgh, Eidyn Centre)

Location: 23 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh

Date: 12-2pm, 1st March 2017

Drawing on Laura’s philosophical training experience with the Venice Board of Medical Practitioners, this seminar explores the calling for a nursing career, stressing the motivational role played by affectivity within the establishment of an authentic empathic relationship with the suffering of the patients. Affective ability should be nurtured in order to sustain the practitioners’ affective commitment, which may be put at risk by every day difficulties at work.


‘Emotional care work in the ambulance service: the haunted mind’, Emma Rowland (King’s College London)

Location: 23 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh

Date: 12-2pm, 15th March 2017

Ambulance crews play an integral role in frontline emergency care, assessing, managing, treating and transporting the public with an extensive range of conditions. In attending critical incidents, ambulance crews have to manage the emotions of their patients, relatives and potential bystanders, in addition to their own and those of their crew mate. This seminar focuses on the implications of mobile care work to crews emotional well-being, and will illuminate how the haunted mind affects the delivery of patient care on the road.


‘Techno nurses and empathetic machines: Shifting relations in shaping good care’, Professor Jeanette Pols (University of Amsterdam)

Location: 23 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh

Date: 12-2pm, 6th April 2017

Anticipations on what new technology will do often range between grand promises, or terrible nightmares. For health care, there is the promise that technology will lead to efficiency, self-management and quality. The nightmare is that technology will make care inhumane, placing screens, beeps or numbers between caregivers and patients. Jeanette will talk about the creative ways in which caregivers and patients relate to technology, and through technology to one another.


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