Medical Humanities Lecture: ‘An Investigation of Music in Medicine from Historical and Contemporary Perspectives’ (26th April, 5pm)

We are pleased to invite you to a visiting lecture, hosted by the School of Culture & Creative Arts and the Medical Humanities Research Centre:

Professor David O. Akombo (The University of the West Indies)

An Investigation of Music in Medicine from Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

The lecture will be at 5pm on the 26th April in ARC’s studio 2, with Q&A to follow.

ABSTRACT: The discipline of how music affects the human body, mind, soul, and spirit has spurred an interest among scholars from both the humanities and biomedical disciplines for centuries. Cultures from around the world have used music in healing for millennia. The uptake of research both qualitative and quantitative research since the 18th century has spurred further interest and although the evidence is still limited, a growing body of research offers increasing promise for music’s health benefits. The world of music and movement in particular, and how it relates to health continues to intrigue us. Researchers in the 21st century have continued to embrace these quantifiable studies with scholarly and academic vigor. Both anecdotal and empirical evidence exist that show the efficacious nature of music. However, we need new and proven methods to confront health challenges of today and of tomorrow. The aim of this lecture is to explore the history of music and medicine from both Western and non-Western cultures and open discussions by interrogating the and unanswered questions about music’s efficacies in the field of medicine.

BIO: Professor David Akombo is an internationally recognized educator, researcher and scholar in the fields of music education and interdisciplinary research in the arts and health. After completing his undergraduate degree in Music Education from Kenya, Professor Akombo pursued his scholarship in the United States where he completed the Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning from Point Loma Nazarene University, the Masters of Music in Ethnomusicology from Bowling Green State University, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Music Education from The University of Florida. Well-grounded in a global and international education, spanning from Africa, to Southeast Asia, to the United States, Professor Akombo is a highly-sought speaker having been invited to give lectures at Brigham Young University, Boston University, and UNICEF-Funded project in Jamaica among others. He has previously held positions in research, teaching, and administration at various prestigious institutions of higher learning in the United States ranging from university distinguished diversity fellow, to department chair, to associate dean.