Medical Humanities – PhD Student Turing Mobility Award, Linköping University, Sweden

Turing Scheme: PhD mobility to the Centre for Medical Humanities and Bioethics, Linköping

University, Sweden.



The University has been awarded £1.34M via the Turing Scheme which is the new UK government

scheme that provides financial support for students undertaking work and study abroad as part of

their degree. In academic year 2021-22, the Medical Humanities Research Centre is supporting

TWO Doctoral Research visits to the Centre for Medical Humanities and Bioethics, Linköping

University, Sweden. These places are open to current PhD researchers from ANY College of

Glasgow University and in any Subject area, though applicants should demonstrate that their

research would benefit from engagement with the work ongoing at the CMHB in Linköping.

Details of Scheme

Stays are for a minimum of 4 weeks. We recommend a start date no earlier than around 1 May

2022 to allow for travel and other arrangements to be made by the visitor and the respective

institutions. Visits should conclude by or around 23 June 2022 to allow for the Swedish summer

vacation period. The Turing scheme will provide a grant of around £120 per week, with the final sum

determined by the exact dates. A higher grant rate and additional funding for travel costs is

available for students meeting any of the criteria for widening participation detailed in the

application form.

Turing Scheme funding is a contribution towards your travel, accommodation and living costs. It will

not fully fund all your costs and should not be considered a primary source of funding.

Details of Host

Research at CMHB is currently structured in 12 interdisciplinary cross themes:

  •  Aging and Later Life with Illness
  •  Bodies and Embodiment
  •  Critical Categories and Concepts
  •  Difficult Choices and Priority-Setting
  •  E-health, Digitalisation, Machine Learning
  •  Feminist and Intersectionality Theory
  •  Knowledge Production
  •  Mental Health/Ill-Health
  •  Narratives and Communication
  •  Professional Perspectives and Education
  •  Subjectivity and Lived Experience
  •  Family, Social Relationships and Family-Making in Medicine

For further details, see the attached Centre yearbook (.pdf), and the Centre’s webpages:

Visitors will be welcomed into the research community at CMHB, Linköping. They will be allocated

desk space in an office, printing services, and have full access to the University library, and many

opportunities for informal conversations with CMHB colleagues. The Centre for Medical Humanities

and Bioethics runs a monthly seminar to which the visitor(s) will be welcome, and they will have the

opportunity to present their work at this seminar. CMHB is a cross-faculty centre, organisationally

situated at the Department of Thematic Studies, and colleagues at CMHB have their positions at

different departments at Linköping University. The Department of Thematic Studies has a long

tradition of interdisciplinary research and runs several seminar series that might be of interest to

the visitor(s), depending on the visitors’ profiles. Of note is also that the CMHB will be hosting an

international medical humanities conference in Linköping during June 15-17, 2022, which may be of

interest, see:

Application Process

Students interested in these visits should demonstrate in their application that their project would

benefit from participation in the research activities of the host department of their choice. This

rationale will be based on information about the prospective host environment, including research

clusters, seminars and resources, as well as the expertise of specific members of staff. Please note

that you should not communicate directly with staff at the hosting institution before checking with

the Glasgow Medical Humanities Research Centre Director. Applicants are required to research

expected costs and provide an estimated budget as part of their application. You should also discuss

the application with your supervisors to plan this in a way that is beneficial for your research.

Evidence of supervisorial approval is required in the application.

Forms and Contact Information

Linkoping Turing PGR Application Form

For informal queries, please contact the Glasgow Medical Humanities Research Centre Director as soon as possible, Dr Gavin Miller:


The full application form should be submitted to the Director at his email address by Mon 7 February 5pm.