Postdoctoral Fellowships in Medical Humanities and Social Sciences, Leeds

The University of Leeds has been awarded a grant of £1.25m over 5 years from the Wellcome Trust ISSF to support biomedical and related research, which has been matched by an equal investment by the University. A major component of this funding will support early career researchers in order to enable them to realise their potential, and position themselves for competitive external Fellowship applications. We therefore seek applications from candidates at either the latter stages of their PhD work, or after one or two post-doctoral positions, dependent on the type of Fellowship envisioned. Previous rounds have supported researchers from Medical Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as the wider academic areas of Medicine and Health.

These awards will cover both salary costs and a contribution towards consumables, aligned to the needs of the proposed work. Applications are invited from any Faculty, but applicants should be working within the Wellcome Trust remit.

Applications will be considered on an annual basis. For the 2017 round, applicants should complete the appropriate proforma by 23rd January 2017. The ISSF Management Committee will then triage the applications and invite shortlisted candidates for interview during the week commencing 13 February 2017 (TBC). The interview will consist of a short (5 minute) presentation by the candidate, followed by questions from the panel, which will comprise a subset of the Management Committee representing the breadth of academic interests within the ISSF portfolio.

Each award will normally be up to £50K, and applicants should provide a detailed justification for the funds requested. It is expected that these awards will normally run for a maximum of 12 months. If awarded, an appropriate timescale will be agreed and any funds remaining unspent at the end will be withheld for re-allocation in subsequent funding rounds. Awards will be available immediately, or may be taken up at any time during the calendar year following the award, dependent on your current funding position. We invite applications from Leeds-based individuals who are planning to apply for external Fellowships to remain in Leeds, or external candidates intending to move to Leeds.

Medical Humanities applicants can make informal enquiries or request advice about their eligibility for the scheme by contacting Prof Stuart Murray. For any further information on how to apply, please visit the University of Leeds website.

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