RCPSG Digital Event: Lowe’s Chirurgerie – ‘In Goodwill and Love’, 18 November 2021 at 18.00

Lowe’s Chirurgerie – ‘In Goodwill and Love’

Thursday 18th November, 6pm

Digital event – book here: https://community.rcpsg.ac.uk/event/view/lowes-chirurgerie-in-goodwill-and-love-18-nov-21

Join us as we look at the life of our founder, Peter Lowe, his ground-breaking publication of The Whole Course of Chirurgerie (1597), and the first decades of the College after its foundation in 1599.

Lowe’s Chirurgerie was the first comprehensive medical textbook to be published in English rather than Latin. In particular, we will look at the non-medical, cultural influences and context of the words of Peter Lowe, in the book’s fascinating preliminary addresses, poems and dedications. These words have been the inspiration behind our current exhibition, Words of Hope and Kindness – a response to the impact of the Covid pandemic.

We will be joined by historian Dr Paul Goatman, and Dr Steven Reid, senior lecturer in Scottish History at the University of Glasgow. Paul and Steven will discuss the formative years of the College, the influence of Peter Lowe, and its relationship with the civic authorities of Glasgow. The discussion draws upon the College’s first minute book (1602 – 1688) and current research in early modern Scottish history.