Seminar Series CFP: Disability and the Emotions, CCDS, Liverpool Hope

Disability and the Emotions

Seminar series hosted by the Centre for Culture and Disability Studies, Liverpool Hope University.

No crying in disability studies, that was the rule set by Joseph Shapiro’s No Pity in 1993, only to be broken a few years later by Elizabeth J. Donaldson and Catherine Prendergast at the 2000 MLA conference. In the decade that followed there was a proliferation of work on emotion, especially affect, which culminated in Donaldson and Prendergast’s Representing Disability and Emotion, a themed issue of JLCDS published in 2011. Since then the Centre for Culture and Disability Studies has engaged with the subject of emotion recurrently. For instance, Tom Coogan and Rebecca Mallett guest edited a special issue of JLCDS that focused on humour (2013), Marie Caslin critiqued the category of BESD in Changing Social Attitudes Toward Disability (2014), and Emmeline Burdett returned to the matter of pity in Disability, Avoidance and the Academy (2016). The centre is now set to sustain this engagement by hosting a seminar series entitled Disability and the Emotions.

If you would like to present a paper at one of these seminars please send a proposal on or before 1st June 2016. The proposal should consist of a summary of your presentation (200 words max) and a biographical note (100 words max). If your proposal is accepted you will be invited to give a 45 minute presentation in the forthcoming seminar series (2016-2017). Proposals should be sent to:

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