Symposium: ‘Reading & Writing, Death & Dying’, Glasgow, 14 May 2019

Date: 12:00 – 17:00, Tuesday 14 May 2019

Location: St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life & Art, 2 Castle Street, Glasgow, G4 0RH

Symposium: ‘Reading & Writing, Death & Dying’

This symposium funded by the Arts-Lab and Glasgow End of Life Studies Group, and organized by Dr Elizabeth Reeder, Dr Naomi Richards, and Amy Shea will focus on the reading and writing aspects of the multi-faceted topic of death and dying. Develop and hone critical and creative skills through close reading a range of texts as writers. These considerations and understandings of how diverse texts are constructed can be applied to our own writing, thinking and making in writing workshops, led by creative writers, a poet, an anthropologist and a philosopher. The workshops will help us to consider how we might write well about death and dying and other difficult, complicated subjects. These skills are applicable to a range of difficult subjects and facilitate writing in ways that will better communicate emotionally complex or sensitive subject matter to diverse audiences. Death related objects will also be provided by the Glasgow Open Museum to act as tactile prompts for writing.

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