The Sutherland Trust Spring Lecture: Desmond Ryan. ‘In Search of the “Good Enough Environment” for Young Teenagers, Edinburgh

The Sutherland Trust Spring Lecture 2016: Desmond Ryan 

In Search of the ‘Good Enough Environment’ for Young Teenagers

Presented by Dr. Desmond Ryan
Wed 18 May 2016, 6.30pm for lecture at 7.00pm
Lauriston Hall, Lauriston Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9DJ
Refreshments are included in the ticket price and will be available from 6.30pm

British children consistently score low on comparative measures of self-confidence, while Spanish children usually do well. Sociologically viewed, what makes the difference? Using materials from interviews with Spanish 12-14s selected for high self-confidence, this lecture will present an ecological model of their life-world, emphasising the positive reinforcements such children receive in relationships with family, school and friends. Seen in a psychodynamic perspective, the model of their lifeworld maps very closely onto the separating-towards-independence model developed by Winnicott from his work with very young children. For the infant, the mother IS the environment; for older children the environment is more complex.  In each case it needs to be ‘good enough’ to facilitate development and the confidence to meet the challenges of increased independence. Based on his research Dr Ryan suggests a model to improve not only the self-confidence of our young teenagers, but to provide guidance for anyone facing major life changes.

Dr Desmond Ryan is a former trustee of the Sutherland Trust, and a qualitative sociologist with a special interest in the caring professions. He is an Honorary Fellow at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Health in Social Science and has carried out research at home, in Europe and in Cuba.

Tickets: £15 (£7.50 student and unwaged and Friend of the Trust) available at the Queen’s Hall Box Office or can be purchased at Lauriston Hall on the day.

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