Third Hektoen Grand Prix Essay Competition

The Hektoen Essay Competition invites final contributions. Participants should submit essays of no more than 1,600 words in length by 31st January 2015 for the following contests:

The Hektoen Grand Prix – $1,200

Participants should write a Famous Hospitals essay about a historical or current hospital for the Hektoen Briefs section. One prize will be awarded. Please see the Famous Hospitals section of the Hektoen Briefs for examples.

The Hektoen Silver Prize – $1,000

Participants may write an essay for any of the Hektoen Briefs sections other than Famous Hospitals, namely:

·         Art Flashes: art and disease, and medical themes in the visual arts.
Literary Vignettes: essays about medicine and literature.
Moments in History: notable events relating to medicine.
Physicians of Note: portraits of famous or notable physicians.

One prize will be awarded. For examples please see the Art Flashes, Literary Vignettes, Moments in History, and Physicians of Note sections of the Hektoen Briefs.

*Note: Our contest rules have changed. You can view our updated guidelines on the Third Hektoen Grand Prix Essay Competition page. Please send articles or inquiries

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