Workshop: Imagineering the Human Future, Glasgow, 10 June 2016

Workshop: Imagineering the Future

Date: 9am-5pm, Friday 10th June 2016

Location: Room 526, James Watt Building, University of Glasgow

Programme: Available here

The objective of the workshop is to identify key questions for the future from a range of perspectives across the physical and life sciences, engineering, arts and social sciences. Themes to be considered include:

  • Visions of the deep future
  • Pathways to the deep future; avoiding hubris and dystopia
  • Anthropocene environments
  • Labour, craft and welfare in a technological future
  • Micro-to-macro; technology at extremes of length-scale and time-scale

The workshop includes several papers focused on the medical humanities, including ‘Medical Futures in Contemporary Science Fiction’ (Anna McFarlane and Hannah Tweed).

Following the workshop an evening public lecture will be delivered by Michael Shellenberger (President, Environmental Progress) ‘Why Energy Transitions are the Keys to Universal Prosperity, Clean Air and Water, and More Room for Nature by 2050’, to be delivered as part of the Glasgow Science Festival (register separately here).

To register, visit the Eventbrite page. For further information contact

Workshop and events supported by the Chancellor’s Fund.

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