Workshop: ‘Lost limbs and posthuman enhancement’, Being Human Festival, Glasgow

Date: 7-8.30pm, Friday 24th November 2017

Location: Kelvin Theatre, Ground Floor, University of Glasgow Library, Hillhead Street, Glasgow

As part of the Being Human Festival, Anna McFarlane and Hannah Tweed are delighted to invite you to a free event on 24th November 2017. ‘Lost Limbs and Posthuman Enhancement’ engages with speculative design, prosthetics, technology, and artefact speed-dating. Prosthetic technology was intended to help those who had lost limbs, but as technology improves we may access further human enhancements. Learn about prosthetics of the past and future and explore speculative, futuristic designs before joining our panel for a discussion about technology and our changing humanity. All welcome!

For more information, and to book tickets, visit our page on the Being Human website.


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