Event: A film celebration of Everyday Cyborgs and Humanimals, 14 April 2018, Filmhouse, Edinburgh

Date: Saturday 14 April 2018

Location: Filmhouse Cinema 3, 88 Lothian Road, EH3 9BZ Edinburgh

A film celebration of Everyday Cyborgs and Humanimals

If you had the choice between animal, mechanical or human parts to repair or replace your failing organs what would you choose? If an individual is no longer 100% biologically human does that change their bodies, their identity and their relationships with significant others? Dr Gill Haddow’s project Animal, Mechanical and Me: The Search for Replaceable Hearts aimed to explore these questions both through sociological research and engagement with patients, members of the public and young people through creative methods such as film and animation.

On Saturday the 14th of April, from 1 – 3pm there will be a unique opportunity to view four short films and animations answering these questions from the perspectives of patients, artists and young people at the Filmhouse, Edinburgh. Films include an animation exploring the dualism of the heart as the engine of the body and the seat of the soul; an action short created by young people based on how it would feel to be ‘humanimal’, and an animation of life as an everyday cyborg based on interviews with people who live life with an implantable cardiac defibrillator (ICD). To see a behind the scenes clip of making of one of the films:

Behind the Scenes of Broken Wings

To book tickets please see here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/everyday-cyborgs-and-humanimals-tickets-38271669594 


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