Seminar: ‘Do new tools need new ethics? The challenge of advancing biotechnology for ethics and policy’, Professor Jeff Kahn (Berman Institute for Bioethics), Mason Institute, Edinburgh

Date: Tuesday 30th January, 1-2pm

Location: Sydney Smith Lecture Theatre (second floor)
Doorway 1, Teviot Place, University of Edinburgh

The Mason Institute at the University of Edinburgh invites you to attend a special seminar to be presented by Professor Jeff Kahn (Berman Institute for Bioethics):

Title:Do new tools need new ethics? The challenge of advancing biotechnology for ethics and policy’

Genome editing is one of the most talked-about topics in current bioethics, both for its scientific potential and the ethical concerns it raises. Advances in genome editing technologies are enabling more precise and efficient modification of the genome, leading to questions around the ethical and regulatory implications of editing or altering the genomes of organisms — including humans.

Professor Jeff Kahn is Director of the Berman Institute for Bioethics at Johns Hopkins University, and was a member of the US National Academies Committee that produced the 2017 report on ‘Human Genome Editing: Science, Ethics and Governance’. In this talk he will speak about the challenges presented by genome editing for ethics and policy.

All welcome!

Directions to the Venue:

The Sydney Smith lecture theatre is in the Old Medical School (Teviot Place):

Doorway 1 is directly on the left in the main entrance archway (north side); go up to the second floor, where the door should be open, and the Sydney Smith is straight ahead at the end of that corridor. If you require lift access, please ring the bell on the ground level for Reception and they will let you in on the ground floor.

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